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We are very happy to present International Survival Soccer.

“It’s now the last moments of the game. Score is 2-2. All Depends on You.”

The purpose of the game is to sneak to the opposite goal, among a bunch of opponents. The closer you are, the better are your chances to score. Beware of not getting spotted on the way. Allies may show up and help but remember, you have a limited number of passes. In the worse case, you still can RUN!

This game has been presented to the game jam contest Ludum Dare #41.  The imposed topic was "Combine 2 incompatible genres". This game is a mix between a classic soccer game and a stealth survival game.

Enjoy !


Made by : Julian   Julien   Leonaaard


iss.zip 22 MB
ISS.app.zip 35 MB

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