Today, thanks to the internet and smartphones, it has become very simple to share one's daily life with friends, even those on the other side of the planet. But have you ever dreamed of sharing it with the world? and get paid for it?

That's what GTApp offers, the first rewarding Live-sharing application.

How it works ?
Just start stream and share live funny moments with your audience!
The more thrilling actions you share, the more your audience will enjoy, grow and tip!

How much money can you make with 1 second of your life?

This is our approach of the 44th ludum dare theme: "your life is currency".

In this game you are in the shoes of a Streamer driving his pure-bred sports car. Enjoy the heady feeling of driving down the steets at high speed, drift, graze pedastrians or smash boxes!

++ TIP: find our home made Rocket League arena and try to score!


Controls: Press arrows or WASD to move the car. Press escape to take a look at your phone.

Made by: Julian & Thibaud & Julien & Leonaaard

Music credits: Dubstep by Benjamin Tissot & Lucidity by Kings



GTApp - MacOS Version 74 MB
GTApp - Windows Version 56 MB

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