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We are very happy to present Aatmo.

This game has been presented to the game jam contest Ludum Dare #40.
The imposed topic was "The more you have, the worse it is".

It looks like a classic game: you collect power items and defeat a boss firing deadly bullets. But the point here is that :

"The more you have power, the worse the game experience is."

This is our interpretation of the topic.

Indeed, if you come to the boss with full power, you one-shot it and the game stops.
The only way to extend and enjoy the game is to come and provoke the boss with minimum power collected.

Our goal is to highlight that our instinctive gamer-behaviour (the looting in this case) may not be the right moral choice (all friendly NPC die to ease your task), neither the right way to have fun.


Aatmo on Ludum Dare



Made by : Julian & Thibaud & Julien & Leonaaard


Aatmo 20 MB
Aatmo 21 MB

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